Rules & Regulations


1. Student is bound to attend the classes as per time table,issued by the college for the course.The attendence in theory and practical classes by a student is mandatory, as presented by the university/recognising body for different absence of it,the student may not be allowed to appear in the main examination.
2. The student will not be allowed to appear in sessional/internal/main examination, conducted by the college/university,in case his/her attendance fall short/indiscipline on Campus/raging/any involvement in criminal activity or any violation of Law,rules and regulations and norms of affiliated University/recognised body.

1. There is a prescribed uniform for all the students of the college for summer and winter.A student will be allowed entry in the Campus of the College,only if he/she is wearing proper uniform.

Each student is expected to maintain a very high standard of discipline and show respect to teacher,staff,seniors and to be courteous to fellow students.
1. He/She will have to bear any loss or damage to books,computers,furniture or any other item beloging to the College and Hostel,caused by his/her negligence or carelessness and criminal/civil suit liability may also be imposed.
2. As per the supreme Court's order,Ragging is strictly banned in and around the Campus and Hostel.Any student found Including in ragging ,will be immediately suspended/rusticated and legal action,including filing complaint in police/state recognised authority to take action against the guilty.
3. Smoking and intake of alcohol/drugs etc is strictly prohibited in and around the Campus.
4. A Student will not have any Association, whether active or passive with any unlawful organization.
5. The College may take any disciplinary action against a student,in case of any misconduct or misbehavior with the Faculty,staff,seniors and colleagues.The decision of the college will be final and binding an all such matters.
6. If code of conduct,is not abided by any student the disciplinary committee may take action against him/her.